Inflammatory/Infiltrative Disease

You can learn : 1) how to review and report PET for Inflammation/Sarcoidosis 2) how to interpret PET images vs ECG, Echo and MRI (when available)

You can learn the role of CMR in the diagnosis of Amyloidosis. You can learn which is the best and most appropriate modality at each step of the patient pathway.

Dr Tom Wang from Cleveland Clinic reviews strength and roles of electrocardiography, MRI and Nuclear techniques in early and correct identification of AL and ATTR.

Impact of various genetic mutations on sensitivity of TcPYP. Importance of SPECT in diagnosing ATTR amyloidosis by TcPYP. Planar images are not sufficient. Future perspectives.

Role of Echo, cardiac MRI id diagnosing and risk stratification of patients with cardiac Sarcoid. Strength and shortfalls of each modality. Importance of complementary/layered imaging.

Review a patient presentation with heart failure and review to the clinical, ECG, Lab and imaging finding pointing to a_TTR amyloid heart disease. Review the findings on echo and Tc-PYP scans.

How to Read a Tc-PYP scan for A-TTR Cardiac Amyloid?

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