Multiple Choice Question of the Week : CHD-04 : [Answer]


1-Day-Old Neonate. What is your diagnosis?

A – Hypetrophic cardiomyopathy
B – Aortic valve stenosis
C – Pulmonary valve stenosis
D – Pulmonary vein stenosis

Right answer is C: Pulmonary valve stenosis

In this condition the pulmonary valve opening is too narrow, leading to a reduction of blood flow to the lungs.

The diagnosis of pulmonary valve stenosis can be achieved via echocardiogram and in infancy auscultation of the heart can reveal identification of a murmur.

In neonates with isolated pulmonary valve stenosis without valvular dysplasia balloon valvuloplasty is the treatment of choice. Patients with dysplastic valvular stenosis respond less well to valvuloplasty. Valve replacement or surgical repair are other option and may be indicated depending on the case.

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