Multiple Choice Question of the Week : CMR-06 : [Answer]


What could be the most probably diagnosis of the following mass?

A – Cardiac thrombus
B – Hydatid cyst
C – Atrial Myxoma
D – Large mitral fibroelastoma

Right answer is C: Atrial Myxoma

Cardiac myxomas are the most common benign primary cardiac tumour to present in adulthood.

75–80% of myxomas arise in the left atrium.

Myxomas usually appear as well-defined, smooth, oval or lobular lesions that are commonly pedunculated.  Myxomas typically appear: on cine SSFP sequences,  hyperintense compared with normal myocardium and hypointense compared with the blood pool; on T1 weighted, isointense; on T2 weighted, hyperintense;  on post-contrast sequences, heterogeneous.

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