Multiple Choice Question of the Week : Nuclear-01 : [Answer]


52 year old male with hypercholesterolemia  and dyspnea on exertion. he was submitted o a stress/rest SPECT with regadenoson

What is the best interpretation of these images?
1 – LAD Ischemia
2 – LCX ischemia
3 – LAD and LCX ischemia
4 – Three vessels ischemia

Right answer is: Ischemia in three territories

In the stress images, there is a moderate defect involving: anterior wall (medium and distal portion, antero-lateral wall (medium and distal portion), inferior wall (proximal portion).

In the rest images, there is a homogeneous perfusion in the whole ventricle.

The dynamic acquisition, obtained by CZT camera, allows the quantitation of the absolute MBF: the absolute values, as well as the CFR indicates an impaired CFR in the three territories

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