Multiple Choice Question of the Week : Nuclear-10 : [Answer]


67 yrs old pt with previous inferior MI. At ICA: occlusion of RCA and 30% LAD.  After 4 years, pt referred atypical angina. He was submitted to stress/rest MPI. What is the best interpretation of these images?

A) Inferior MI, LAD ischemia
B) Inferior MI, LCX ischemia
C) Inferior MI, 2VD ischemia
D) Inferior MI, 3VD ischemia

The correct answer is: D) Inferior MI, 3VD ischemia
The stress/rest MPI showed a fixed defect in the inferior wall (previous inferior MI) and transient defects on LAD, LCX and RCA (perinecrotic). SSS (summed stress score): 25, SRS (summed rest score): 8, SDS (summed defect score): 17.

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