Multiple Choice Question of the Week : Nuclear-16 : [Answer]


From these stress/rest gated SPECT study, you can obtain information regarding intra-ventricular dyssynchrony. What can you observe?

A) No dyssynchrony is present
B) Stress dyssynchrony
C) Stress/rest dyssynchrony
D) Rest dyssynchrony

The correct answer is: C)

The regional analysis obtained by the gated images, both after stress and at rest, showed the presence of mechanical dyssynchrony, as indicated by the contractility histogram. The region with the largest mean phase is the site of latest mechanical activation.

LV mechanical dyssynchrony measured by phase analysis has been shown to differentiate normal controls and patients with left bundle branch block, right bundle branch block, ventricular paced rhythm, or LV dysfunction. It can be used for the evaluation of pts before CRT.

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