Quiz of the Week – 08 – [Q/A]


Example of diabetic patient with atypical angina and presence of area of ischemia (>10% of LV) in the LAD territory.

In regards to diabetes and myocardial perfusion imaging which of the following statements is true:

A) 5% of diabetics have ischemia on their MPI scans.
B) Patients without myocardial ischemia are at a low annual risk, irrespective of the presence of fixed defects.
C) Defects seen on MPI do not translate into cardiovascular events.
D) A and B

Correct answer is B)

Diabetics are considered a high risk population for having coronary disease. The medical literature suggests that up to 20% of asymptomatic patients with diabetes have ischemia on their MPI scans.

The presence of reversible defects on MPI is associated with annual cardiac event rates ranging from approximately 3% to 10%, in different diabetic populations.

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