MCQ : Nuclear-07


67 year-old man, with previous MI
Recent onset of effort dyspnoea
ECG: inferior MI, VEB
Echo: poor acoustic window. EF: 35%
Waiting list for hip replacement

Which kind of tracer/s is/are used?
Which is the best interpretation of these images?

A) rest 201Thallium/ stress 99mTc Tetrofosmine, area of necrosis plus ischemia
B) 99mTc Tetrofosmine stress/rest study, area of necrosis plus ischemia
C) 99mTc Tetrofosmine/123I MIBG perfusion-innervation mismatch for the evaluation of EV area
D) 99mTc Tetrofosmine with and without nitrates study for the evaluation of viability

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